What is BSBD Wdl Txn Chg in Bank of Baroda?

If you have a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account, commonly known as a BSBD account, with the Bank of Baroda, you might have noticed BSBD Wdl Txn Chg in your bank statement.

As per RBI guidelines, public and private sector banks in India offer Basic Savings Bank Deposit accounts to Indians without bank accounts. However, these basic savings accounts have their own charges and limitations, and BSBD Wdl Txn Chg is one such charge.

To help you know more, let us explain all about it below:

What Is a BSBD Account?

BSBD stands for Basic Savings Bank Account, a type of savings account introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to promote financial inclusion. A BSBD account does not have a minimum balance requirement, making it more accessible for individuals who may not have a steady or high income.

What is BSBD Account in Bank of Baroda

Furthermore, a BSBD account provides users with various basic banking services. These include the ability to make deposits and withdrawals and receive money through electronic payment methods, such as online transfers or direct deposits.

Moreover, there are no charges for maintaining the account. Plus, a BSBD account offers limited free services, such as a certain number of free transactions, including ATM withdrawals, deposits, and fund transfers.

Key Charges for BSBD Accounts

Using a BSBD account is free to some extent; for instance, there are no fees or restrictions on cash deposits. However, there are other charges associated with it, such as:

Cash Withdrawals: BSBD account holders are allowed up to four free withdrawals per month, including cash and ATM withdrawals. Beyond this, the bank will charge a certain fee for withdrawing cash using any method.

Chequebooks: You can up to 10 free leaves per year. However, after that, you will need to pay for additional chequebooks.

What is BSBD Wdl Txn Chg in Bank of Baroda?

The “BSBD Wdl Txn Chg” refers to charges applied for withdrawing from a Basic Savings Bank Deposit account at the Bank of Baroda. As mentioned earlier, you get up to 4 free withdrawals each month. However, if you withdraw beyond this limit, you will be charged a withdrawal fee known as the BSBD Wdl Txn Chg.

After you exceed the first four free withdrawals, you will be charged a fee of Rs. 20 plus GST or Rs. 23.60 for each new withdrawal request.

Why is Rs. 23.60 Deducted from the BSBD Account?

If your BSBD account deducted Rs. 23.60 from your account, then the bank has charged you for exceeding the four free withdrawals limit.

For BSBD account holders, it’s important to know that if they surpass the four free cash withdrawals per month, a withdrawal charge will be imposed on each subsequent withdrawal. This charge amounts to Rs. 20 plus GST, totaling Rs. 23.60​, which will be deducted from your account.

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How To Avoid BSBD Wdl Txn Chg?

Limit Withdrawals: First, try to limit your withdrawal requests. Make sure you do not exceed the four free cash withdrawal limits each month.

Use Digital Transactions: You can use UPI services to send payments to other bank accounts or use them to make day-to-day transactions to avoid the need to make cash withdrawals.

Convert to Regular Savings Account: If you regularly need more than four monthly cash withdrawals, convert your BSBD account to a regular savings account. However, to use a regular savings account, you must maintain a minimum account balance.


BSBD Wdl Txn Chg in Bank of Baroda stands for withdrawal charges. It only applies when you withdraw cash using any method more than four times a month. And by limiting your withdrawal requests, you can easily avoid this charge.

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